We are aware of the recent problems that COMET encountered to provide the subtyping results, and we apologize for it.
We are currently working to solve these issues as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.


The COMET tool rapidly classifies HIV-1 nucleotide sequences into subtypes. You can submit your sequences either by pasting them in the form (b) or uploading them (a).

2.2Additional support for CRF 50_A1D - 78_cpx for HIV-12016-12-01
2.1Added bootstrap support levels (100 samples per sequence).2016-09-22
2.0Rewritten COMET in GO (Uses much less memory, faster; improved accuracy slightly).2016-09-18
1.0Smaller HIV-1 recombination detection window (should detect more URF), CRF additions to the training set2014-03-26
0.5new HIV-1 thresholds, should slightly improve the results2012-06-11
0.3Additional support for CRF 44_BF - 49_cpx for HIV-12011-12-20
0.1Initial version2010-03-27

(a) upload the sequences in fasta format (you can compress the file with gzip, max. 50MB):

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(b) paste the sequences in fasta format (try out example):

I confirm to use COMET only for non-commercial research purpose (*)

Privacy police:
The submitted sequences are deleted as soon the results have been generated.

If you use COMET, please cite:
Daniel Struck; Glenn Lawyer; Anne-Marie Ternes; Jean-Claude Schmit; Danielle Perez Bercoff. COMET: adaptive context-based modeling for ultrafast HIV-1 subtype identification. Nucleic Acids Research 2014; doi: 10.1093/nar/gku739 (full text)

Supplementary information:
HIV-1 training set

(*) The COMET-HIV and COMET-HCV services provided herein are "For non-commercial research use only". For all commercial uses, please contact our Exclusive Licensee, ABL SA (www.ablsa.com) at comet@ablsa.com.